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The Hair Story

Are you scared to make the cut???

I know I was.

There were many reasons:

  • My face shape would make me look manly
  • No time to style it
  • Hair has a mind of its own
  • No versatility
  • Exposed

They all sound pretty silly now, but the feelings were real.

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It is not giving in or getting old.

These posts are focused towards life after 40 so let’s go there.

We all know that our body chemistry changes throughout the years.

It is no different for our hair, which is just an extension of our bodies.

As our estrogen and collagen levels slow down there is less to go around.   This is most evident in hair, skin and nails.  Read more about  estrogen and collagen here.

I got to thinking, why am I holding on to hair almost to my butt that is dry, frizzy and constantly has split ends?  My husband and mom are shouting “What took you so long and hallelujah”.  Lol.

What now?

Now, the soul-searching commences.

If you are in the same place; what are you holding on to?

Once you figure that out, think about what kind of look reflects you.  Are you practical, edgy, business minded, sporty?

Now start saving pictures.  Hair stylists I have talked to really don’t like hearing “You’re the expert” or “Whatever you think would look good”.  Their idea of what will look good may not be the same as yours.   It might also be impossible for you to recreate the look at home.  Either way you will be unhappy.

Google and Pinterest are great places to get a collection going.  I noticed a very common theme developing as I was saving pictures to show the stylist.  That was a good feeling that I was going in the right direction.

As an added bonus, I was able to donate my hair!!!

Because I have always coloured my hair, I didn’t think this was an option.  There are so many places to donate now that deal with different grades of hair.

However, if there is a specific charity you would like to donate to go to their website for all the rules to make sure your donation is usable.

Next, talk to your stylist and let them know your intentions.  Not all salons participate in the donation process.  If yours doesn’t, I don’t think they will have an issue if you go elsewhere to have it done.  Participating salons generally know the rules and have a system set in place.

I am happy to say that while it took me a long time to get here, I couldn’t be happier with my new look.

If you have made “The Cut”, I would love to see your before and afters.

Until next time.



























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