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Is Shift Work Killing Your Sleep?

Fitfree40/ February 4, 2019/ Health, Lifestyle/ 0 comments

I slept for 8 hours.  Why am I so tired? This has something to do with your Circadian Rhythm. The circadian rhythm is our natural “body clock” that tells us when we should be awake or sleeping based on how light and dark the environment around us is. The Basics When the sun starts to go down, melatonin production is

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How much sleep do you really need?

Fitfree40/ January 21, 2019/ Health, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Reasons why sleep is so important We have all heard that a good sleep is important, but do you know why? Our sleep patterns affect everything from how we function, our weight and our eating habits, blood sugar imbalances and mental health issues.  Sleep constitutes one-third of our lives.  Not something to be taken lightly. We have all had a

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