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Another Coffee Run?

Fitfree40/ December 29, 2019/ Health, Lifestyle, Weight loss/ 0 comments

How many times a day do you NEED coffee?  Or worse, an energy drink? If the answer is that you NEED coffee or energy drinks just to make it through the day, it is too many. Here’s why. Our bodies are hard-wired to follow the path of least resistance.  Which is fine for some things but not when it comes

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Is My Metabolism Slow?

Fitfree40/ September 4, 2019/ Health, Lifestyle, Weight loss/ 0 comments

You may feel tired, cold or that you’ve gained weight. Maybe your digestion seems a bit more “sluggish”. Maybe your hormones are out of whack. You may be convinced that your metabolism is slow. Why does this happen? Why do metabolic rates slow down? What can slow my metabolism? Metabolism includes all of the biochemical reactions in your body that

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Bye Bye, Sleeping Through the Night

Fitfree40/ July 15, 2019/ Health, Weight loss/ 0 comments

Have night sweats and monkey brain made you say “bye bye” to sleeping through the night? Are you feeling exhausted or “running on stress hormones” all day? Do not fear, I have some great tips (and an amazing recipe) for you! The science of sleep is fascinating, complicated and growing. Sleep is this daily thing that we all do and

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Why Your Waistline Matters 100X More Than Weight

Fitfree40/ July 10, 2019/ Health, Weight loss/ 2 comments

Do you weigh yourself everyday?  Do you want to ditch your scale? Or, do you have this “number” that is your ideal weight? You may have this weird kind of relationship with your “weight”.    Does any of this sound familiar? You see your weight as your worth. If you are not this “ideal weight” you are a failure. You

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Does Metabolism Affect Hormonal Weight Gain?

Fitfree40/ July 1, 2019/ Health, Weight loss/ 0 comments

What is Metabolism? This word “metabolism” is thrown around a lot these days. You know that if yours is too slow you might gain weight. But what exactly does this all mean? Well technically “metabolism” is the word used to describe all of the biochemical reactions in your body. It’s how you take in nutrients and oxygen and use them

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Pass the Potatoes Please

Fitfree40/ April 12, 2019/ Health/ 0 comments

Who thinks of Sunday dinner with the family and doesn’t think of roast beef and mashed potatoes with gravy and veggies?  Not me.  (Actually, that is still a thing in my family.  My mom makes the best roast beef  and gravy ever). Unfortunately, potatoes get a bad rap as being too high in carbohydrates (which can raise insulin levels when

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A Healthy Gut

Fitfree40/ March 23, 2019/ Health/ 0 comments

A healthy gut is a beautiful thing. You have heard the saying “Beautiful from the inside out.”?  This is what happens when you take care of and feed your gut what it wants. What does your gut want though? I will get to that.  First, let me tell you what it doesn’t want. It doesn’t want drive thru (McDonald’s, Wendy’s,

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Carbs are not the enemy.

Fitfree40/ October 29, 2018/ Lifestyle/ 0 comments

The truth is that your body needs carbohydrates to function properly. Without carbs you would have no energy to get out of bed in the morning.  Carbs are fuel.  You just need to be consuming the right types of carbs. The USDA healthy range of carbohydrates is actually 45 to 65 percent of your daily food intake.  While protein is

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