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Are you treating your heartburn the right way?

Fitfree40/ December 17, 2018/ Health/ 0 comments

What is HEARTBURN? According to antacid commercials, heartburn is excess stomach acid that is traveling up your esophagus and causing an uncomfortable, sometimes painful burning sensation.    So you eat whatever foods you want, then you self medicate with their products to relieve the discomfort.  Voila! But what exactly is in antacids?   As you can see, what seems like a

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When did DIET become a four letter word

Fitfree40/ October 23, 2018/ Health/ 0 comments

    How did we go from a way of eating to a punishment to look a certain way?   Look up the word “diet” in any online dictionary.  You will find almost every entry using some form of variation on losing weight or reducing caloric intake.  What happened to the original meaning?  A way of living or habitually taken

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Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Fitfree40/ September 30, 2018/ Lifestyle/ 0 comments

But you only get one chance at a first impression.   And first impressions matter.  People are sooo busy that they tend to make snap judgements about people that they meet, (Guilty) and many times are missing out on new friends or new opportunities. Since we can’t go back in time and redo some of our first impressions, we can

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What does “Healthy Living” Mean Anyway?

Fitfree40/ September 23, 2018/ Health/ 0 comments

      A quick Google search of “What does healthy living mean” brought this result:   A healthy lifestyle is one which helps to keep and improve people’s health and well-being. … Healthy living is a lifelong effect. The ways to being healthy include healthy eating, physical activities, weight management, and stress management.     Please read legal/affiliate disclosure

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The Hair Story

Fitfree40/ September 16, 2018/ Lifestyle/ 0 comments

The Hair Story Are you scared to make the cut??? I know I was. There were many reasons: My face shape would make me look manly No time to style it Hair has a mind of its own No versatility Exposed They all sound pretty silly now, but the feelings were real. Please read legal/affiliate disclaimer here It is not

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The Change Part 2

Fitfree40/ September 2, 2018/ Health/ 0 comments

  The Dreaded Change.  Part Two First: A recap of what we covered in the last post.  Or you can read the entire post here. Hot flashes – Night sweats – Irregular Periods – Mood Swings Poor Sleep – Urinary problems – Elevated heart rate  – Nutrition Now that we have an idea of what we can expect, let’s move

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Fitfree40/ August 19, 2018/ Lifestyle/ 3 comments

  The dreaded change.   Dun Dun Dun I always remember growing up and hearing my older female relatives complaining of some mysterious ailments.  It always sounded like a secret code to me. Please read legal/affiliate disclaimer here A lot has changed in the last few decades.  It doesn’t seem to be a taboo subject anymore, but the information passed down

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