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Finding YOUR Happy

Fitfree40/ February 10, 2019/ Lifestyle/ 0 comments

Happiness is subjective.  What makes you happy could be the most terrifying thing for someone else.  It took me a long time to find MY happy.  I always tried to do what I thought was expected of me, not what actually was.  Turns out the only thing that was expected was for me to do what makes me happy and

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Is Shift Work Killing Your Sleep?

Fitfree40/ February 4, 2019/ Health, Lifestyle/ 0 comments

I slept for 8 hours.  Why am I so tired? This has something to do with your Circadian Rhythm. The circadian rhythm is our natural “body clock” that tells us when we should be awake or sleeping based on how light and dark the environment around us is. The Basics When the sun starts to go down, melatonin production is

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Signs you have a hormonal imbalance

Fitfree40/ January 27, 2019/ Health/ 0 comments

Every person has hormones.  These hormones control everything from hair loss/growth to inflammation to weight loss, not to mention the potential health risks such as insulin resistance, PCOS (Polysystic Ovary Syndrome), estrogen dominance, and cancers of the breast, ovaries and prostate. What happens is that the gut and the brain talk to each other and tell each other what hormones

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The Great Liver

Fitfree40/ January 8, 2019/ Health/ 2 comments

Did you Know….  That the liver has over 500 jobs every single day.  I was surprised by how versatile and resilient this one organ is and how it affects the rest of our body. For example, the liver is a filter for everything we put into our body and everything we don’t intend to … parasites, toxins etc. sorts what

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Are you treating your heartburn the right way?

Fitfree40/ December 17, 2018/ Health/ 0 comments

What is HEARTBURN? According to antacid commercials, heartburn is excess stomach acid that is traveling up your esophagus and causing an uncomfortable, sometimes painful burning sensation.    So you eat whatever foods you want, then you self medicate with their products to relieve the discomfort.  Voila! But what exactly is in antacids?   As you can see, what seems like a

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Salt of the Earth

Fitfree40/ December 11, 2018/ Health/ 0 comments

Salt has been given a bad rap and some of it IS warranted, however we do need some salt in our daily diet to be healthy. First, a background on salt Salt is an essential mineral needed to purify and preserve.  Go back to our ancestors and you will find that salt was used in everyday life from canning/brining the

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Acne Sucks

Fitfree40/ December 2, 2018/ Lifestyle/ 0 comments

Acne doesn’t have to be a part of your life.  You do have control. Everything starts from the inside and works it way out through our urine, bowel movements and through our largest organ, our skin.  The one thing we do every day that contributes to what is coming out through our skin is eating food. The acne causing foods

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Sugar – The Good Kind

Fitfree40/ November 27, 2018/ Health/ 0 comments

What is blood sugar and why you should care about it. Your blood sugar is what keeps your body working. From lifting weights, to walking to breathing (yes, even breathing), blood sugar is making all of this possible. We need blood sugar (glucose) flowing at all times as well as some in storage (glycogen) for times when it is not

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Best and Worst Foods for Beautiful Skin

Fitfree40/ November 12, 2018/ Lifestyle/ 0 comments

I have said it many times now.  What you put in has to come out.  One way or another, it is coming out.  In order to have beautiful skin, you need to put good stuff in, and avoid the bad stuff.  Read on for the list of good and bad. Read disclosure policy here. BAD STUFF SUGAR!!!! and processed Foods

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Carbs are not the enemy.

Fitfree40/ October 29, 2018/ Lifestyle/ 0 comments

The truth is that your body needs carbohydrates to function properly. Without carbs you would have no energy to get out of bed in the morning.  Carbs are fuel.  You just need to be consuming the right types of carbs. The USDA healthy range of carbohydrates is actually 45 to 65 percent of your daily food intake.  While protein is

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