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I am sure we have all heard this many times, but it bears repeating.

In reality, our bodies are simply complex machines that need fuel to run.  What that fuel is made up of dictates how well it runs.

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40 can be a major turning point for many of us, for many different reasons.

Today is going to be a quick overview on what to expect from this site.

There are many different approaches to feeling your best, but what I have found is  that starting from the inside shows on the outside.  My appearance, my energy levels and even my outlook on life have drastically changed for the better.

We have become accustomed to fast, convenient and processed in order to keep up with the expectations of our “modern lifestyle”.  We work longer hours in order to maintain or advance our jobs and keep our current lifestyle, make sure our kids are getting the best experiences that are available (which generally requires extra money and time shuttling them around), and at the end of all that who has time or energy to shop for fresh food or make meal?

Drive thru is easy and now with delivery apps it is way too convenient.

What a vicious cycle!

Then, what is the solution?

First off,  figure out what is really important in your life, and what you are willing to change. Is it the house you live in?  Do you LOVE your job? Are your kids going to survive if they don’t have the latest gadget?  These are all serious considerations.

They are also very drastic considerations, but that is kind of my point.  All of these things have become “normal”.

Our parents wanted us to have a better life than they did and we want the same for our children, but in the process of a better life we have forgotten the simple things.

 Don’t run out and do anything drastic.  Small steps in the right direction are still steps.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Have everyone go through their belongings and fill a box with anything they haven’t  used in say 6 months (excluding seasonal items) and donate or throw it out.  It is crap that is weighing you down mentally.
  • Plan at least one night a week to cook and eat together.  Sit down as a family and plan out the meal, what fresh foods are needed and most importantly, who is going to do what.  This is one of those small steps and assuming that someone else is going to the store to get the food or not setting a time line for what needs to be done when; can lead to disaster.  Doing this benefits eating healthier, possibly learning a new skill and slowing down and enjoying the process and most importantly, family time.
  • I know this is going to be the hardest one for most people, but dedicate gadget free time.  Computer, tablets, phones, tv, movies.  Even if they are educational programs, they are still electronic noise that makes it too easy to go on auto-pilot.  There are so many things to do.  Read an educational book (if that was one of your objections) or any book, do a craft together (Pinterest and Youtube are full of resources) go to the backyard and throw a ball or frisbee, go for a walk and take note of the colours and sounds.  The options are endless!

Now that you have a few starting points to cut the crap out of your life, I am excited to hear what changes you have noticed in yourself and your family.

See you soon,





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