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How many times a day do you NEED coffee?  Or worse, an energy drink?

If the answer is that you NEED coffee or energy drinks just to make it through the day, it is too many.

Here’s why.

Our bodies are hard-wired to follow the path of least resistance.  Which is fine for some things but not when it comes to the high powered machine that our bodies are.

When we rely on quick stimulants like coffee and energy drinks to get us through the day, we are actually giving our bodies a quick shot of adrenaline and dopamine in the form caffeine and SUGAR.

Here is a great article from The Journal that breaks down the scary amount of sugar and caffeine in energy drinks and coffee.

Unfortunately, the adrenaline and dopamine wear off quickly and then comes the crash.  Which results in the next coffee run or energy drink.

On top of that, the sugar (unless you drink your coffee black) is still floating around in there with nowhere to go.  And what happens to excess sugar?

At any given time, our body requires 4 grams of circulating blood sugar to keep everything functioning, such as breathing, heart pumping etc.  4 grams equals ONE teaspoon.

sugars in energy drinks

Source: The Journal

You can see that the Rockstar Xdurance has 69 grams of sugar in one 500ml serving.  That equals 17 teaspoons of sugar that, if you do the math and actually burn the 4 grams that are needed in the body is still 13 extra grams of sugar that are going straight into fat stores.

Besides the natural sugars found in whole foods, any excess sugar that is not burned off for energy in the body is stored as fat reserves in case of famine.  There is that hard-wire we mentioned earlier. 

Since we are probably not going to experience a famine any time soon that excess sugar is not going anywhere.  And if we keep repeating this process day after day, we are going to keep adding more and more excess sugar into storage.

How to Get Off the Habit

  • Getting enough sleep consistently
  • Movement – the more you move the better you sleep, the better your body functions
  • Eat whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible

Seems easy, but if it was easy, you wouldn’t be here reading this.  These are simple, straightforward strategies that require planning, consistency and patience.

Easy and Simple are two very different things

If you would like a headstart on high energy whole foods, I have a free PDF I would like to share with you.



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